eMeter.com Before

eMeter Website & Email Newsletter

I worked with various marketing stakeholders to upgrade eMeter’s digital presence. I crafted, developed, and implemented a visual design strategy that would streamline the brand’s ability to reach customers online.

Website & Email Design

  • Overhauled the website to implement a more product and event-focused wordpress site.
  • Worked with the Senior Marketing Programs Manager to establish an effective layout. I, ultimately, designed the site around a large hero section that centers above four quadrants. The new layout helped the marketing team promote time-dependent events like conferences, webinars, trade shows, and product launches.
  • Modernized eMeter’s color-scheme with cool gray tones. The clean lines and colors connoted a more high tech service and made the site easier to read.

WordPress Technical Features

  • Coded the front and backend of the wordpress website.
  • Developed a date and time feature that allows news, promotions, and events to activate and expire.
  • Built a JSON API that allowed other subdomains and third-party websites to consume news-events posted on eMeter’s website.


The changes I made to eMeter’s website and email template exceeded expectations. Automating the site’s content maintenance and distribution slashed operational costs. Along with myself, eMeter had two other part-time employees maintaining content. Most exciting, according to the Senior Marketing Programs Manager, the new digital look and design substantially increased meaningful sales conversations.