Distributing Energy Data Efficiently

“Today’s metering technologies can provide the information needed to meet energy and water goals, save money, and improve building operations.”

– U.S. Department of Energy

In the quest to conserve resources, data is a superhero. Utility companies can utilize smart meter data for energy-saving tactics. They can puzzle out ways to streamline and save.

Yet a surprising number of utilities were struggling to manage meter data from newer smart meter technology. To guide them toward smart decisions about managing smart meter data, eMeter needed to paint a clear picture of its meter data management system’s power.

Distilling A Complex Product

I joined eMeter in 2010 and immediately sketched out a diagram to help me learn how its energy solution works. This inspired one of the early versions of what would later become an important sales tool uses in demos, presentations and educational materials.

Effectively diagramming eMeter’s platform required deep knowledge of its core back-end features and functionality. Over the course of the year, the complex map underwent several distillations before arriving at its final form. This iteration simplifies the information into a streamlined image that conveys the system’s ability to make energy companies of all sizes more efficient.