Mapping Information-Architecture

Mapping Menus! Information Architecture!

The Challenge

Marklogic creates a NoSQL database technology for Fortune 500 Companies. Customers can interact with the company online via the front-facing marketing website, the developer community website, a university website for training and a support website. Our team wanted to create a more consistent user experience across the different websites.

The Solution

In order to have a clear understanding of the task at hand, I clicked through every page and menu of Marklogics five websites. With Optimal Workshop Treejack, I documented the website navigation and identified overlapping content. In presentations and wireframes, I gave recommendations for where Marklogic could consolidate menu items into more logical subcategories and make the website navigation more mobile-friendly.

Final Menu Design

The Final Result

Through my analysis and presentation, I helped disparate branches within Marklogic solidify a cohesive and functional web presence. My work was core to the design making process and helping stakeholders visualize abstract user challenges in a constructive and efficient way. In the end, we designed a website that provided a clean, modern and intuitive user experience.