Data Universe Ad Theme

Deliver an ad campaign that communicates the brilliance of MarkLogic’s enterprise NoSQL database. To do this, we highlighted the application’s “Search” and “Semantics” features.

There’s a quote that’s painted on the wall of MarkLogic’s boardroom headquarters. The quote reads:

“Over thousands of years, our history has produced an almost inconceivable amount of data, rich with meaning, possibility and potential, but nearly impossible to harness. This was the problem that spurred the idea that became MarkLogic.”

What really distinguishes Marklogic’s brand is the power of its product. MarkLogic’s database gives clients access to and the ability to explore a massive database of information. Similar to a person seeking truth in the stars or a magician looking into the unknown, Marklogic’s product inspires companies to explore and realize new businesses opportunities. Based on this line of thought, I crafted a space/magician themed metaphor to drive MarkLogic’s ad-campaign.

Mission Critical Concept
DataLake Concept
Search Concept
Developer Seeking Opportunity Concept