Card Illustration Challenge

Finding a Middle Ground

The Challenge

As brand manager at MarkLogic, I worked with the marketing team to create a series of medium sized graphics that help communicate the value of Marklogic’s enterprise database platform.

Over the course of a few days, my team experimented with different diagrams and icons. I found overly complicated diagrams could weigh down the viewer and simple icons ran the risk of not communicating enough information.

The Solution

Instead of choosing between a diagram or an icon, I decided to combine elements of both. I established guidelines with key symbols, colors and patterns to delineate concepts and as the users engages with the website. With plain and deliberate design, I formed visuals that helped clarify the function, value and beauty of Marklogic’s product.

Card Illustration Solution
ACID Transactions
Advanced Security
Data Hub Framework
Easy To Get Data In
Easy To Get Data Out
Enterprise Ready
Easier Data Integration
Flexible Data Model
Flexible Deployment
Flexible Replication
Improved Manageability
Increased Revenue
Multi Model
Platform Pricing
Ops Director
Straightforward Pricing
Tiered Storage
XA Transactions